Sneakers That Teach Are the Ultimate Dancin' Shoes

Industrial designer Tom Sykes, of the Loughborough Design School at England's Loughborough University, is the recipient of the 2012 James Dyson Foundation Bursary for his "GroundWave Shadow Trainer."

A sneaker prototype that teach you how to dance, GroundWave Shadow Trainer is fitted with accelerometer senses that interact with a specially designed GroundWave app on your smartphone, relaying live feedback from the shoe itself to track your movements and progress.


The aim of this project, Sykes says, "is to produce a design proposal for a product that introduces exercise into a child's life in an innovative and exciting way." He chose urban dance as the platform on which to base this exercise, because of its cultural relevance with "the inner city youth market."

[Behance via DesignTaxi]


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