People just don't like being spied upon. If you live in the UK, you're certainly familiar with those autonomous traffic cameras lurking around every corner that catch you speeding or running traffic signals, and then tattle to the police, resulting in a traffic ticket in your mailbox. A group called MAD (Motorists Against Detection) has been smashing those boxes for the past seven years in retaliation. In fact, the guerilla group claims to have obliterated 1000 of the cameras, and have big plans to step up their attacks on the eavesdropping gadgets.

Traveling in the UK, we were appalled by such invasion of privacy, but the Brits seem to be getting used to it. But not the MAD group. They plan to increase their camera destruction activities this summer, vowing to take down every one of the things in the entire country. Drivers who are not actively slam-dunking the camera boxes will be encouraged to cover up their license plates on certain days, too, in a mass act of passive-aggressive civil disobedience. There's something sneaky about these cameras that we just don't like, and we wish these disobedient citizens well. Let's just hope nobody gets hurt. [Speedcam]