SNES Headphones Are the Best Way to Recycle Your Old Controllers

Forget Beats, Marshall or whatever the hell else cans you see people wandering around wearing: what you really, really need in your life is a pair of SNES headphones. Here's how to make 'em.


This video shows how YouTube user liberty5 put together a set of headphones decorated using the D-pad and four-button controls of a SNES controller. It's a simple—if long-winded—make, and crucially the quality will be dictated by the headphones you use. But the end result has to be worth it, right? [YouTube via Ubergizmo]

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I think this looks amazing and awesome, however I'm almost 100% positive that people will always come up pressing the buttons (with force, on purpose) and yell something like "JUMP MARIO! JUMP!"

And for that, I would not buy or make these headphones.