Snowden's Leaks Part of "Wargame," Says Cryptome

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For nearly two decades, has spilled secrets from the intelligence world. The site's founders, Manhattan-based architects John Young and Deborah Natsios, spoke to Gawker about Edward Snowden's motivations and the "wargame" launched by the NSA surveillance leaks.


Gawker: In a post on Cryptome, you suggested the leak was a "wargame." Do you think that this might be an elaborate government test?

Young: Well, it will certainly be used for that purpose. They're certainly watching the response to this. They not only run their own games, they watch other people's games. Some are fortuitous like this. Some are deliberate.

Natsios: I like this notion of the spontaneously combusting war games scenario. It's not top-down driven, it's just erupts and you study it as a phenomenon and information emerges that wouldn't otherwise in the carefully scripted modeling scenario.


Read the whole interview on Gawker.

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