So Many Casting Rumors: Green Lantern, Episode VIII, and Doctor Strange!

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We’re already getting casting rumors for Star Wars Episode VIII. Chris Pine has been offered not one, but two DC roles. Henry Cavill thinks there’s a future for Superman-only Man of Steel sequels. A bizarre commercial offers us our first sound of’s Thing speaking. Plus more Ant-Man footage. So many Spoilers!


Green Lantern/Wonder Woman

Birth Movies Death are reporting that Chris Pine has apparently been offered roles both for Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor and Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. BMD adds that Pine has not agreed to either just yet, but Warner Bros. are looking to get the deal for one of these roles sealed in time to have Pine appear on stage at Comic-Con this week. As always with unsourced rumors, take this with a grain of salt for now.

Doctor Strange

Rachel McAdams is allegedly been cast in the lead female role for the movie—the role is undisclosed, but speculation is pegging it for the role of Clea, a sorceress who becomes Strange’s apprentice, and eventually his wife. [/Film]

Fantastic Four 2

The same /Film post also alleges that Bryan Singer is being discussed to direct a Fantastic Four sequel over Josh Trank, sparking more speculation that the franchise could be crossing over with Fox’s X-Men series.


Assassin’s Creed

The Wire actor Michael K. Williams has also joined Assassin’s Creed in an alleged major role on par with Michael Fassbender’s part in the franchise. [Coming Soon]


Star Wars Episode VIII

Rumors originating from the Chinese newspaper Apple Daily are circulating, alleging that Hong Kong action film star Donnie Yen has been cast as a Jedi who shares scenes with Han Solo (which would fly in the face of repeated rumors that Solo dies in The Force Awakens). As ever with rumors like this, take it with a pinch of salt. [/Film]


Suicide Squad

Jai Courtney offers his opinion on Captain Boomerang’s facial hair:

I’m all right with it. I’m ready for it to go, it’s not going anywhere yet. It could be worse... It wasn’t [my idea]. [Director] David Ayer came into the makeup room when we were having the meetings to kind of decide what the thing was, and he just picked up the clippers and started shaving me. I’d shown up kinda hairy and had the freedom to move and he just started attacking me [with the clippers].

Z For Zachariah

The movie has had a slight delay in its release: It’ll be out a week later, on August 28th. [Shock Till You Drop]



Henry Cavill is hopeful for more solo Superman movies:

There’s plenty of time for individual Superman sequels. He’s a tough character to tell. People like the darker vigilante. I think it speaks to the human psyche more easily rather than the god-like being that we can’t really understand. Once we have a more expansive universe we can delve more into the character of Superman and hopefully tell more stories.




Scott Lang and friends attempt a heist in this new clip.

Fantastic Four

Marvel’s First Family go into action in a new TV spot.

And here’s a new advert for Denny’s intestine-wrenching tie-in Menu, which may actually give us our first example of the Thing speaking:

Agent Carter

Speaking to Den of Geek, Hayley Atwell has confirmed that Dominic Cooper will return as Howard Stark:

There will be repetition of characters. So Jarvis and Howard will be there with us again. Yeah, we can’t have a show without those guys.


She also briefly sets up the second season’s setting:

I’ve not started work on [season 2] yet, but it’s been written. I do know that, one thing they have decided, is that it’s going to be set a year later. So it’s 1947, it’s going to be set in L.A., and I keep on thinking about L.A. Confidential, that kind of film noir, which would be great.


[Den of Geek]

Heroes Reborn

Zachary Levi discusses his character, Luke:

He’s a tortured guy. There’s a lot of darkness and sadness there. It’s grittier and dirtier and darker. I want to challenge myself, as an actor, but also challenge people’s perceptions of what it is that I do. I can keep playing the same Chuck archetype, but then everybody just goes, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s that Chuck guy.’ But, who knows? People might watch Heroes Reborn and go, ‘Maybe you should stick to Chuck, buddy.’


[Den of Geek]


Fight choreographer James Bamford will direct an episode in season 4. [CBR]

The Walking Dead

Scott M. Gimple discusses some of the storytelling for season six:

I think there’s a way that Robert [Kirkman] did some of the story that we’re reaching that had a real past to it, where people are referring to some things in the past in the comic. And we’re able to portray some of that backstory in some ways that you didn’t get to see in the comic.



Guardians of the Galaxy: The Animated Series

The cartoon has a new poster and a premiere date: September 26th. [TV Line]

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And speaking of posters, here’s a new Comic-Con poster for the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s other comic series:

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Agents of SHIELD

Finally, a third poster—this time SHIELD’s Comic-Con poster, featuring Coulson with a new prosthetic hand. [TV Insider]

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Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Top image: Agent Carter.



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