So Netflix's Newest Series is Black Mirror, What Are Some Plot Lines You Want to See?

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The rumors are true, Charlie Brooker’s tech-fi thriller Black Mirror is returning as a new Netflix original series. And it’ll likely be just as thought-provoking and chilling as the original.

First debuting in 2011, Black Mirror is a hybrid of The Twilight Zone’s anxiety-ridden plot twists mixed with a dark, sometimes satirical theme that is sure to make you look at media and technology differently, questioning their motives.

And man, have we seen some weird shit. Memories being meticulously recorded. Millions of people biking endlessly for the power-hungry elite. A PM fucking a pig (though that one might not be so far-fetched).


Brooker, who is producing and writing 12 new episodes to be shot later this year says Netflix will connect the show to a global audience so they can create bigger, stranger, and more internationally diverse stories than ever before.

So, we leave it to you. What kind of technology thrilling plots do you want to see in Black Mirror’s next season? iPhones directly implanted into people’s brains? We all live in VR and fly around virtually in drones? Windows Phone becomes popular?!?! Throw ‘em out there!

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