So, Uh, The Facebook Movie Is Good, Will You Watch It?

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I wasn't interested in watching a movie about Facebook. You probably weren't either. But the reviews are trickling in for The Social Network and everyone is just glowing about the movie.


The Social Network premiered yesterday at the New York Film Festival and I'm looking at all the ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic right now and I'm really at a loss for words. This is the same Facebook movie right? Everyone—NY Times, Rolling Stone, Aint it cool, Variety—is pretty much saying the same thing, that The Social Network is the movie of the year (Wazzah, didn't Inception come out this year?).

I mean it's a movie about Facebook! Sure, when we learned that Sorkin was writing and Fincher was directing, no one thought it was going to suck...that bad. But suck it doesn't apparently. I was thinking about watching it since I love Fincher, but now I'm definitely watching it when it comes out on October 1st. What about you guys?



I've been saying this movie looks good from the beginning and everyone's been saying it'll suck. I'm glad it only took a week before the movie's release for people to start agreeing with me.

And it bugs me how people keep calling it a movie about facebook. I think if it was a movie about facebook it would be boring, but it isn't. It's a movie about the creation of and the people behind facebook. Believe you me, I would never watch a movie that was strictly about the website known as facebook.