SodaStream Boycott, Fake Viral Photos, Oculus Rift Gender Swaps, More

From the serious and unexpected geopolitics of a kitchen gizmo to the utterly terrifying notion of a drifting boat full of cannibal rats, Gizmodo brought you some shocking, fascinating, and compelling stories this week. Let's review, shall we?

Why These People Want You to Boycott SodaStream

You'd think that, as a company accused of fostering oppression for years, SodaStream would be a little more careful about the wording of its biggest-ever marketing campaign.

12 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Can you spot the fakes? Hundreds of amazing images wash over our greedy eyeballs each and every day, clogging our Twitter timelines and Facebook feeds. Many of them are fakes, lies, or both. Like these!

Music Video Shows Singer's Crazy Retouching Transformation


Deep down we all know that every photo, everything we see on TV, and every movie that hits the silver screen has been digitally retouched, tweaked, and perfected. Most of the time those enhancements are kept secret, but directors Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz have put them front and center in their video for Boggie's Nouveau Parfum.

Match Heads Igniting at 4,000 FPS Look Like Dying Alien Worlds


It's usually over in an instant, but when you capture macro footage of a match head igniting at 4,000 frames per second, suddenly that almost instantaneous event becomes a fascinating look into the science of fire and ignition. And believe it or not, YouTuber UltraSlo had to throw an additional 2,000 watts of light on this match head to capture this mesmerizing footage—that's a lot of birthday candles.

Oculus Rift Lets You See What It Would Be Like To Swap Genders (NSFW)


Oculus Rift is amazing in that it lets you experience other worlds beautifully and immersively. And, in this project by BeAnotherLabs, it's letting users experience a few minutes as the opposite gender. (Warning: some nudity ahead).

The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2013: God Help Us


You'd think that, by this point, people would start being a little more discerning with their passwords. You would be wrong. And here are the 25 most common (i.e. worst) passwords of 2013 to prove it.

A Ghost Ship Full of Cannibal Rats Has Disappeared in the Atlantic


A massive ghost ship has been missing in the Atlantic since last February, along with its potential cargo of "disease-ridden cannibal rats," via BBC Future. Now, it looks like it's headed for the UK.

How I "Hacked" Kayak and Booked a Cheaper Flight


Let me start this out by saying I didn't "hack" something in the black hat Hackers way, but by finding a market inefficiency and leveraging it to my advantage. It must be the day trader in me. No harm was done to any computers or systems in the making of this post.

Shocking Photos from the Water Sports Site of the Rio Olympics


Getty Images has published a fresh set of photos from the heavily polluted Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro—which is the site chosen for water sports at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. The photos are frankly shocking, as the iconic bay will be the site of sailing events during the summer Olympic Games.

Most of China's Web Traffic Wound Up at a Tiny Wyoming House Yesterday


Yesterday, many of China's 500 million internet users were mysteriously rerouted to a bunch of web addresses registered to this unassuming house in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The New York Times says a fluke in China's internet censoring system was to blame. But why, of all the places in the world, did the traffic come here? And how?

The World's Wackiest Monuments, Chosen By You


When we asked you last week to send us the weirdest monuments in your neighborhood, you not only delivered, you quite frankly freaked us out. How do you people sleep at night knowing that a giant turtle-humping statue is just down the street?

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