Music Video Shows Singer's Crazy Retouching Transformation

Deep down we all know that every photo, everything we see on TV, and every movie that hits the silver screen has been digitally retouched, tweaked, and perfected. Most of the time those enhancements are kept secret, but directors Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz have put them front and center in their video for Boggie's Nouveau Parfum.


Obviously this is a simulation; doing these types of corrections on moving footage requires extensive masking, tracking, and rotoscoping. But the unseen artist working to 'improve' this artist gets the point across—which version really is more attractive, the before or after? [Vimeo via designboom]



1st off, those animations could really use some work. was way too distracting. Still an impressive video.

Secondly, actually a nice song. not great but nice.

lastly: Yes the final version looks better, but mainly because they corrected the contrast and saturation. Now I know photoshop gets vilified all too often but here's the thing. People generally look better in person than how they are seen by a camera. Photoshop is a way to bring what the photographer saw in their eyes to other people through a recorded medium. or it's used to express an artistic vision that can not be obtained via natural or feasible ways. Photography is art. Advertisements are art. It's all about making an emotional reaction. Sometimes those reactions are "must buy" or "I want that."

TL;DR - Photoshopped ads are just as much art as this is art. it's art.