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Sodastream Refreshes With Sleek New Look

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Sodastream not only reduces waste, but saves your arms the stress of lugging multiple jugs of sparkling water home from the grocery store each week. There is one area, though, where the home soda-making gadget is not helping things, and that is how it looks in your kitchen. The thing is just kinda awkward looking.

Good thing there is a new design around the corner. Sodastream has teamed up with San Francisco designer Yves Behar to create a new product, the Sodastream Source. According to MOST, the Italian sci-tech museum where the product is to be showcased,

Béhar's concept re-examines every element of the SodaStream system, including the interface, design and material selection, redefining the way it is used.


Sounds pretty ambitious! No word on when the re-design will hit store shelves, but hopefully the bubbly satisfaction will remain the same. [The World's Best Ever]