Illustration for article titled Solar Car Mistaken for UFO, Gets Pulled over by Alaskan Police

Marcelo da Luz was driving his solar-powered Xof1 car when he was pulled over by Alaskan police. They chased him for a while, trying to figure what the heck his vehicle was, then decided to stop him. The reason: 911 received an UFO sighting alert. And no, there's no Sarah Palin connection here, because this wasn't the first time it happened to him. Yes, the thing does look like an UFO. For anyone who doesn't have a clue about what a solar car is, anyway. Or who doesn't notice the big honking wheels below. Or the fact that the "UFO" is rolling on a road. The fact is that Marcelo, who is trying to raise awareness about renewable energy and energy independence driving across North America trying to break a long-distance record, has been stopped a total of seven times by the police. Marcelo, seriously, I think the third time was enough to paint "This is a frikkin solar car, you idiots" in fluorescent yellow all over the car's rim. [Xof1 and NPR via New Launches]

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