Solar Energy For Your Cellphone and More

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You just gotta love solar energy, where all you need is a sunny day and then there's plenty of power that's just there for the taking. Here's a trinket that will help you harvest that energy that's all around you, the Solar Style SC003 Oval Solar Charger. It connects to Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones, and at 3.25 x 2.25 and just 0.75 inches thick, this 3-ounce device is compact enough to slip into your pocket. It not only will revive your exhausted cell phones, it resuscitates MP3 players and some PDAs, too. You can also charge the device itself, storing that energy in an on-board battery inside the Solar Style charger, and then later it will stand ready to charge other members of your electronic menagerie even when it's not sunny. Replenish its energy with an included car charger, or when you get home, plug it in with an included AC wall wart and charge it up there, and then it's ready to keep you going all over again. It's available now for $35.99 from the Solar Style website.


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