Solar Powered Curtain Concept Smartly Controls Shade

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The Compliant Shading Enclosure concept automatically regulates the amount of shade, shadow and light that comes into a window. How? There's a curtain (the green thing) in between the glass panes that's programmed to open or close depending on the temperature


The concept is designed by Brent Vander Werf and is rather fancy:

The shading system utilizes a bi-metal element that is bonded to high expansion and low expansion alloys. A slight change in temperature makes the alloys produce an opposing force, causing the element to deform and rotate. The system requires no maintenance or user input once installed, and by adjusting the parameters of the alloys, the mechanism can suit a variety of climates.


Basically, it gets its directions from the outside temperature. When it's hot, the curtains are drawn back, when it cools down, the curtain are drawn in. The whole getup is powered by the sun (which makes incredible sense here) so you don't have to worry about a tick. [ArchDaily]

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Wouldn't a brightness sensor make more... uh... sense?