Sold-Out Moto 360 Returns On Tuesday With Brand New Moto X

When Motorola announced the Moto 360, the long-awaited Android Wear watch sold out in hours. Luckily Motorola announced today via a blog post that more will be available this Tuesday in the U.S. along with the new Moto X. However, you'll still need to be quick on the buy button as the company says supplies will still be limited.

In addition to the Moto 360, starting at 12pm EST Motorola will let loose four other products for presale, including the Moto X with AT&T, the $500 off-contract Moto X "Pure Edition," the $150 Moto Hint wireless earbud, and the Turbo Charger, a $35 speed charger which reportedly gives the latest Moto phones 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes.

As for other carriers besides AT&T, Motorola will be announcing availability "soon" and exact delivery dates will be determined at checkout. So with Motorola preparing to empty its coffers, who just became mysteriously busy on Tuesday morning? [Motorola]


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