Soldiers Could Be Wearing Location Trackers Inspired By The Wii Soon

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Troops whose GPS trackers fail could be in for a raft of trouble—which is why a British company has been inspired by the Wii and iPhone and is developing a location-tracker based on microchip motion sensor technology.

Tessella hopes its technology will be adopted by the army, which isn't that big a stretch considering it already works with the European Space Agency on similar orientation software. The sensors are lightweight and can be worn easily by a soldier, with their positions detected due to the three microchip accelerometers and gyroscopes contained in a small device.

However, it's not completely without problems, as they can fail if there's a large shift in temperature or change in power supply, making it not quite ready yet to send off to troops in Afghanistan—though Tessella is claiming it should be fit for use in the next six months. [New Scientist]


Image credit: The U.S. Army

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Brett Iron Kong

Have to wonder why the military doesn't put a tracking chip on say, some military equipment that say the enemy would love to get it's hands on, drop it by airplane and wait for it to fall into say Taliban hands, then track it to find said location of hostiles than bomb them.