Some iPhone 4 Displays Have Yellow Bands, Spots, Other Problems

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There's a problem with the iPhone 4's Retina displays: Some screens have a yellow tint across the surface. 55 cases and counting. In some, it's a yellow band. In others, yellow spots. See the gallery. [Updated with Apple support feedback]


Update 1: More examples of these problems are popping up. I've added them to the gallery.

Update 2: Another reader writes in:

From: Chad
Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 4:08 PM
Subject: iPhone display
To: ""

Just got my iphone 4 today and noticed the discoloring on the bottom
and right of the screen. I drove a hour to a apple after being told on
the phone that they would replace it for me today. When I got there
they told me I had to come back tomorrow. Now I have to drive another
hour tomorrow to get a new one. Thanks apple!

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Update 3: Another report:

From: Timothy Connors
Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 4:06 PM
Subject: yellow tint iphone 4

within an hour of setting it up i noticed the same problem on my handset.
called apple care and the nice lady had me going to an apple store
next week to swap it out
- no second guessing or questions.
soooo i'm assuming this problem has become a bullet point for the call
in's on the early models rushed out today.

i'll sit tight with the pee stain on my screen until the crazies all
get their phones.
maybe i can swap it for a white one then?


(nosebleed on gizmodo comments)

Update 4: More reports coming in. One with picture.

From: Joshua Schipmann
Subject: Yellow here too
Date: June 23, 2010 5:17:29 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

Can't get a pic though. Only across the bottom of the screen

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From: Bryan Weiss
Date: June 23, 2010 5:18:27 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

Hey dude,

Got mine today. Till I saw the post on Giz, I probably wouldn't have noticed it on mine. Might not even be able to see it on the pic, but it is there. Not too bad. And only really tell so far with flashlight on. But yeah, its there.


Fourteen people have reported this problem at the time of this update.

Update 5: Another reader sent his account along with an image.

From: Brandon Nason
Subject: Yellow tint display band
Date: June 23, 2010 5:26:19 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

Here is the yellow band on my iPhone. Sometimes it's not as noticeable but after using it for a few minutes my eyes seem to adjust and its glaringly obvious.

Update 6: Four more pictures from another reader who just got his iPhone today:

From: Ajay Roopakalu
Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 4:39 PM
Subject: iPhone 4 Screen Yellowing?

Hey Gizmodo!

I just read your article on the yellow banding and just wanted to
confirm that I too am having this problem.

I just received my iPhone 4 today (yay!) and almost everything went
okay, activation took only about ten minutes, no problems with
syncing. However, I noticed some yellowing on a certain part of my
screen. I have included some photos of my phone (yellow circle-ish
mark near "Restrictions" on two of them.. it's more obvious in real
life). Is this a common issue?



Update 7: More spots from a new case.

From: Evan Andrae
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Spots
Date: June 23, 2010 5:50:05 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz


My iPhone arrived today with two yellow spots at the bottom left. I've been in contact with Apple...they don't seem to have any answers for the issue yet. On a side note, my service goes from full bars to one or two without cause. Ahh, the adventures of buying an Apple device on day one.


Update 8: One more case and one more picture.

From: Alex Bates
Date: June 23, 2010 5:52:43 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

We have another (so sad!!!).

Update 9: Received new cases and some new photos from readers Tovi Stigger, Dan Paliotta, Johny Hernandez, Santhosh Krishnamurthy, William Duncanson, John Howarth, Scott Story, and Tim Della Maggiore, all with the same problem. This puts the total numbers of cases so far in 27.


Update 10: Another reader with troubles:

From: Jonathan B.
Date: June 23, 2010 7:41:48 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problems

I'm still waiting for my iPhone 4's activation but I looked and I can see five spots on my screen that's been yellowed.


Update 11: Gizmodo reader Chandler tried to fix the problem:

I saw where there are reported cases of this issue. Mine has it too. I was able to temporarily fix it by putting the iPhone over an air vent, and putting the top of the box over it to direct airflow to the iPhone. It went away for about 5 minutes. Then slowly but surely came back. Apple will be replacing mine soon. But that rules out the fact of it being the LCD itself. I just thought I would share that. Glad I'm not the only one with this problem.


Update 12: Reader Andre sent us a picture and described his dismay:

I was shocked to find this many dead pixels. This was fresh out of the box. It looks like a constellation.


Update 13: More troubles:

From: Nikki L.
Date: June 23, 2010 8:03:57 PM EDT
To: ""
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problems

I have a discoloration about the size of a dime. I guess I'm fortunate compared to other people. Now I have to debate when to go in to get a replacement.


Update 14: Another picture and complaint came from Mark:

Yellow spots at bottom right and slightly to right of left edge at bottom.

Update 15: More issues:

From: Jason P.
Date: June 23, 2010 9:12:00 PM EDT
Subject: iPhone 4 yellow display issue.

I too have yellow spots as referenced on your post at Mine appear in both the lower left and right corners. I only noticed the left corner at first, then I loaded up the graphic you put in the post and noticed the second one in the lower right. Going to call Apple Care and see what they have to say.


Update 16: We're starting to see more photos coming in again.

Update 17: This morning the inbox was loaded with more yellow tint problems accounts and images.

From: Alex Kennedy
Subject: My screen is half yellow!
Date: June 24, 2010 10:17:26 AM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

Half my damn screen is yellow! My buddy Lue Lynx has the same problem too, I should have spent the price of the iPhone on a new pair of jeans.

From: Chris
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problems
Date: June 24, 2010 9:34:23 AM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz


Bought my iPhone 4 a few hours ago and just synced it and when i came to use it i found the yellow line along the bottom and a yellow spot about 1cm up from the bottom right hand corner

I've included pictures from my 3Gs as i have no other camera available

O2 have advised me to return t the store to replace the handset... not sure how that will work

Chris Procter

From: Peter Hartes
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problems
Date: June 23, 2010 9:14:15 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

I didn't do well taking the picture, but it's on the left hand side going vertical on my iPhone 4 which I just got today. I'm not sure who to even contact or when to go to my Apple store. I am off Friday, so I'm guessing that'll be the best thing to do and just see what they say.

- Peter

From: Ed Murachanian
Subject: iPhone 4 Yellow Tint Problems
Date: June 23, 2010 9:41:43 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

Hey Same problem here. I didnt even notice till I saw the post on your site. Got mine today and sure enough yellow band and a few yellow spots. Im sure Apple is on this and will fix this eventually!



Update 18: Reader Anthony Marola claims that this may be an issue of the adhesive used to stick the glass to the display:

From: Anthony Marola
Date: June 23, 2010 8:13:34 PM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

I think what were seeing here is an unfortunate effect caused from the new process in which they adhere the glass panel to the LCD/digitizer. They sort of talk about it in the promotional video and judging by the perfect lines/dots it's probably how the machining process drops the adhesive.

It's probable that it will fade over time as the screens continue to warm and cool and become more "used".


Update 19: There's another kind of display problem detected by two readers so far. Instead of the yellow dots, there's some white spots randomly distributed over the screen, resembling a constellation of stars.

Illustration for article titled Some iPhone 4 Displays Have Yellow Bands, Spots, Other Problems

From: Vance, Corey
Date: June 24, 2010 10:59:46 AM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

I don't know if others are having this issue, but I have a constellation of blown pixels or something in my iPhone 4 screen.
The 'v' you're seeing is permanent and stationary. This is a screenshot from my Camera roll, as they show up the most
when on white. This is how it was out of the box under the protective film.

Let me know if you need more info.


Update 20: Another person claimed that the issue with the yellow dots is related to the adhesive. In addition, a MacRumors' forums user claims his yellow stains are gone today:

I had major yellow spots on the bottom corners of the iPhone 4 this morning when I received it (as shown in the other thread) and as of right now they have COMPLETELY faded away. I have no idea what caused this but it happened. So keep an eye on it over the next day or so if you have the issue.


There are no more reported cases of the yellow tint going away, however. If you reported this problem to us, check if the problem is gone and get back to us here.

Update 21: Apple support, however, hasn't been informed of the adhesive situation. Reader Renard Richie reports the Cambridge Side Galleria's Apple Store in Boston changed his iPhone with the yellow problem for a new one instead of telling him that the problem would go away:

I received my iphone 4 yesterday from AT&T
After i read your article about screen discoloration i quickly check mine and sure it is two yellowish spots bottom right hand corner and on the center.

I called apple store today and they agreed to swap my iphone with a new one. The first iphone they swap has no yellow discoloration however there is a speck of black spot on the lower left corner. The apple employee also said it was under the screen. GREAT!!! i spent an hour ani d a half in the apple store dealing with this problem. He quickly replaced it with a new one and thank god it has no problem so far. I even asked him to check the call drop (he called the apple store and hold the metal sides, especially the left one) and it works.

I hope there isn't this much problem for everyone.

Update 22: Readers from the UK and France are reporting the same problems:

From: Francis THOMAS
Subject: Count me in for Yellow Spots (tm)
Date: June 24, 2010 11:25:08 AM EDT
To: Jesus Diaz

It's yellow across all the bottom of the screen. Check the image

Francis THOMAS.

Update 23: More reports coming in. Here's one from Larry Cass:

Sat in line for 6 hrs after not being able to pre-order with delivery (I was awake at 4am). Got phone found large dead yellow spot on top left of screen, bottom 1/8th of screen is yellow blotches; but I was cool with keeping it and waiting to replace. I then put on the bumper case, turned on the vibration switch and it immediately doesn't recognize the SIM card, hard reset, complete restore and nothing; now I'm standing in line to return, funny watching all of these people still waiting in line and I'm here to return. Maybe Apple should have followed Samsung and named the iPhone 4.0— :(___


Sent from my iPhone

Update 24: Brian Lam says that his iPhone doesn't have the yellow tint problem.

Update 25: We are receiving more cases of the other display problem, the "constellation" on the screen (there's some white spots randomly distributed over the screen, resembling a constellation of stars). Four so far. Here's a gallery:

Update 25: Reader Jason Houghton is writing to report that Apple has exchanged his phone. Once again, Apple support didn't mention about the alleged adhesive requiring some time to fade.


I cued up at 5am this morning in the UK, and after a long 6 hours waiting I got my phone. I took it home to find a yellow band down the left side of the screen. I phoned apple care and they said that they are aware of this issue and are forwarding it onto their engineering team.

The advisor then said one of their superior engineers wanted to speak to me about it. He asked me for photos, I sent them, and he explained apple are working on the issue right now. He advised I go back to the apple store where I bought it and they will fix it.

So I did just that this evening and there was still a massive cue. I completely skipped it. Went to the genius bar and they replaced it for a new iPhone 4. I was only there for two minutes.

This is the replacement iPhone I am mailing from right now and it's screen is perfect. It also seems whiter. They took the replacement out of a black plastic case, different to how they replaced my 3GS.

My point is that apple will happily replace your IPhone if you are unlucky enough to have this issue.


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Update 26: Apple support has told one of our readers that the problem is the adhesive, advising to wait. Read about it here.


Update 27: Other readers have said that Apple have directed them to replace their iPhones. There may be some confusion at Apple tech support at this point.



Could this be the start of another yellow tint display problem saga, like with the latest iMac? We learnt back then than making ultra-high density displays is hard and problematic, but it's too early to tell.


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[Photos by Gizmodo readers and Macrumors]




Haha, yellow on an Apple display, again.

At first I was kinda happy when Apple would make mistakes, because I had avoided their products for so long. Then, after that wore off, I started feeling bad for all the people they were screwing over. Now I kind of think people are asking for it when they line up for a product that hasn't been sufficiently tested by the public.

That being said, I'm sure Apple will do something nice to make up for this. They've made so much money that they can afford to be generous when their PR is bad.