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Some Poor Kid's Getting a Board Game About Programming This Christmas

Illustration for article titled Some Poor Kids Getting a Board Game About Programming This Christmas

You might think you've found a clever way to get them to learn, but kids see right through educational board games. And while some do a good job at hiding their true nature, c-Jump—which teaches programming concepts—does not.


The $25 game has players racing to get down a mountain the fastest, hence c-Jump which is meant to be a hilarious pun on Ski Jump. But not that hilarious. While they advance across the board basic programming concepts like "if", "else", and "switch" are used, giving players an introduction to computer languages while they try to take advantage of shortcuts to the end.

But since being a computer programmer doesn't sound as exciting or glamorous as being a hippopotamus feeder, I suspect that getting kids to play a round of c-Jump over more popular educational games like Hungry Hungry Hippos will require some stern coercing from their parents. [ThinkGeek via Coolest Gadgets]

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Why do you guys mistake scripting for programing? Most good programmers I know are very good at math. Some don't even touch computers for days, but dream up the most astounding algos ever. And the funny part is, some of the best folks I know didn't even learn programming until after college.

You guys need to focus on math and logic. That is all! A program is a fucking flow of semantic logic and signals. You can script like crazy, but if you don't understand math, YOU SUCK at programming! All your scripting and syntax needs can be taken care of by trained monkeys.

If you are one of those under the impression that 'your math sucks' but 'you are Gods gift to programmers', let me assure you, your programming sucks as well and you just like typing out shit that's no better than hello world in your momma's basement. Proof: Google search is not a program, Siri is not merely a program (stats signal proc), data compression algos are not a program - heck wavelets are not a program, communication theory is obviously not a program, efficient bandwidth/latency management is not a program. Don't fool yourself that anyone that makes money on the technology side (except maybe the 'design/UX' folks) are anything but good at recognizing, classifying, restructuring and manipulating mathematical patterns. /rant

However, we do still need trained monkeys that can push the right buttons.