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Some Sadist Ran a Donald Trump Speech Through Google's Neural Network

Artificially intelligent computers understand Donald Trump not unlike artificially intelligent humans. His speeches read as extended phrases of semi-clarity interrupted by moments of utter horror. Just watch.


The above video comes from photographer Eric Cheng who explained:

The source video is a CNN highlights reel from Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy announcement in July 2015. I used audio volume (averaged over each frame) to dictate how deep to dream. For fun, I used a picture of Cthulu as a guide image.


Cthulu meets Trump as understood by an A.I. that can dream. Welcome to the state of American politics in 2016.

[Eric Cheng via Boing Boing]

Senior editor at Gizmodo.

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I am not afraid of Trump. I am afraid of the people who see in him an answer to all their darker impulses and hatreds. They may not be numerous, but they are widespread. And they can and will shape this election in ways we cannot imagine. And Trump’s rise will come from these people. People who with arms outstretched dedicated themselves to his causes. People who with eyes wide shut followed him and listened to his rhetoric and heard what they wanted to hear. People who, like those in the past, wanted so strongly to have faith in a hero that spoke what was on their mind, and empowered them to follow their dark desires... People who... in the name of a nation that they felt they were losing control of - a nation they feel is under siege and filled with people who do not know their place - strive to repeat history that is barely three-quarters of a century past... This is what fills me with fear and dread.

That a nation such as ours can fall to the same forces that drove the imperial desires and genocidal acts of another nation not so removed from our own. It is my ferverent hope that somehow by bringing up the similarities and showing the weaknesses... that we will recognize this evil in ourselves and expunge it before it is too late. And that should Donald Trump achieve the Oval Office... that more moderate and responsibile voices be his guide to his tenure. Because if this is not the case... there is a chance that the future will become very dark indeed. And Deep Dream’s interpretation will be a pleasant distraction compared with the realities we will have to face once the deeds of men and monsters are done.