Someone Incorrectly Labeled This Rocket Ship Bed As a Kids' Item

We all make mistakes, and we can only assume that Etsy-seller FableBedworks was in a rush when they posted this phenomenal transforming rocket ship murphy bed on their online store. Why else would they mistakenly refer to it as a "childrens bed" when there are certainly more than enough adults who would love a creation like this in their bedrooms?

The Deepspace Defender is a made-to-order item and in addition to the fold-down bed there are lighting effects, glowing panels, and hidden storage compartments. Since each one is custom-made you might be able to convince FableBedworks to make you one that's larger than a twin-sized bed, but keep in mind that the smaller version comes with a $14,300 price tag, so modifications will certainly make it even more expensive.


That being said, do you think Ikea carries a rocket ship bed? We'll save you the hassle of flipping through that catalog: they do not. This is your only option. [Etsy via Nerd Approved via Incredible Things]

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