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Here's a weird little corner of the internet for you to devour. YouTube user Crysknife007 is well-known for hours-long sci-fi marathons of idling starship engines or the silent ambience of Rick Deckard's apartment. But this time, we get our favorite numbers-addicted Muppet counting Pi up to 10,000 decimal places.


I've written about Crysknife007 before as his ambient sci-fi soundtracks are basically the best thing ever for productive white noise/sleep aid. I can't recommend them highly enough. This is a charming addition to Crysknife's relentless repertoire, and one that would seem to require a level of tediousness that can hardly be fathomed. But with every. single. number. being punctuated by a hearty eastern European "HA-HA-HA," your mind begins to feel like it's melting after about three minutes. Give it a listen, won't you?

You can always just give it 100 or 1000 digits if you've don't have enough time to dedicate the near 6 hours needed. You could also just listen to this Muppets' cover of Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hip Hooray" or Cookie Monster's soulful Tom Waits serenade.


The internet is weird, man. [YouTube]

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