Someone Needs To Sell The Android Plush Bag

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What you are looking at is a lovingly-crafted Android robot plush bag created over the course of two weeks as a birthday gift. And you can totally rip this idea off.

"On and off it took about, I guess, two weeks? I needed to pick the materials, figure out the design and of course, a lot of sewing and testing. The hardest task was to come up with a design that makes it both a fully functioning plush and a fully functioning bag, while conforming to the mascot as closely as possible. The head was a big trouble also, being a hemisphere and thus required some mathematics to calculate the right size of each piece of felt. The internal space should just be enough to hold your D40 w/ lens should you wish. The external shell is very strong though so it certainly won't drop your camera."

The whole thing falls under Creative Commons, so if anyone wants to sell something like this, by all means, go ahead. [Flickr via nicesoda via phandroid)