Someone Please Make This Oreo Crumbs Tea Bag

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Nabisco needs to include this Oreo crumbs case with every single bag of Oreos. Think about it: all those previously wasted Oreo crumbs bond together to infuse your milk with chocolate-cookie-white-creme-goodness. Oreo crumb milk is the nectar of the gods, people.

Too bad it's not real. The Oreo Crumb Case was a concept made by Miami Ad School students Michael Malz, Jacob Gale, Kelly Saucier, and Michael Grosso. I think someone smarter than me should flip this IRL. They could even sell crushed Oreo packets to go along with it. Who would say no? Joe Brown, my boss, says, "That oreo bag is more important that the iPhone or world peace". I agree. [Ads of the World via The Daily What]

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I used to work for Nabisco and any time the packages were damaged, we could have them as they could not sell them. I used to send our most reckless tow motor driver to get a pallet of the best cookies (usually Double Stuffed Oreos) and he always ended up bumping them on a corner, assuring that at least one package was damaged and therefore prey to the hunger of the employees.

Smart management in action. ;)