Sometimes Standing By the Radiator is Not Enough

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The number of times I've come close to burning my ass when leaning against the radiator, I could count on two hands. If I had a radiator that warmed-up removable heatpads I wouldn't need to bother with a hot-water bottle.


The "Akopo" concept has been designed with PVC, refractory stone and ceramic, and is built like a normal radiator but actually warms up several detachable pads at the same time. Someone can just rip them off when they're done, and then wrap them around their neck, waist, or any other chilly part of the body.

I'd definitely take mine to bed for some snuggling. [Julien Bergignat via Yanko]


Good coffee, or tea if you're British, works better than warm pads.

Not really sure why. But heat pads are only warm on one specific place. That means your feet might be warm for a while, but your hands will stay cold.