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Sometimes We Want Too Many Things We Don't Need

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Remember as a kid you only wanted one thing at a time? A bike, a doll, a football. Now, we're all caught up wanting everything we see, and a lot of it we don't need. Let's try to want less.


These are all good statements to live by, really. Check the whole set here. [Recovering Lazyholic]

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In my opinion the problem we have as a society is we have established such a high standard of living that we now feel we deserve to have all these things that we want even if we can't afford them or need them.

Why does a family's 15 year old need an iPhone 4, a 50' TV 1080p 120hz LED TV, and a car for every member of the family when they make only about $60K a year? They obviously can't afford all of it and pay through interests to live in such a way.

Unfortunately our overextending is a societal problem that runs alllll the way up to the government level where we now face trillions of dollars in debt.

For too many years we have been greedy about a "better" life and blind about its consequences. We demanded less taxes but always tended to favor more government services (public transportation, health care, ect.) and seem surprised when the simple math doesn't add up.

I hope my generation has a chance to learn from these mistakes and accept the consequences of our parents' misguided (and at times plain selfish) goals. "Oh I'm not paying for the homeless man to have healthcare and see a doctor with MY tax dollars." UMMM, really? As a nation we denied people HEALTH for many yeasr because they were in whatever situation they were that made them without a job that provides health insurance. Like just think about that for a minute. We, the "greatest" democracy in the world who told our citizens they have the freedom to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, this same country told its citizens health is only for those who tried hard enough to get a good job that provided it.

I think we need to accept the second generation iPhones, by a decent size TV and keep it for more than 3 years, force our kids to take bikes and learn to carpool ourselves. And maaaaybe, juuust maaaaybe, be willing to figure out how Europeans get by with only slightly higher tax rates but supremely better public services. Lets stop bein greedy a-holes in the face of the world, please.