Sonic Bug Repellants Don't Freaking Work So Stop Buying Them

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Summer usually means sticky sweaty skin and mosquitos who love to bite that sticky sweaty skin. How do you prevent mosquitos from biting you? Certainly not with sonic bug repellants and definitely not with sonic bug repellant smartphone apps. They don't work. They never did. They never will.


BuzzFeed FWD asked Dr. Roger Gold, a professor of etymology at Texas A&M University, and he says that "based on the testing we have done through the years, the claims of repelling insects [with sound] are unfounded." His tests included putting insects inside boxes and blasting them with different kind of sonic devices (ultrasonic, subsonic, audible, etc.) and none of them did anything to the bugs. So people, stop buying any sonic bug repellant—they don't work.

Read more about Gold's test and the history of how sonic bug repellants started at BuzzFeed FWD. [BuzzFeed FWD]


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Shouldn't that be entomology?