Sonica Audio Labs VHPextreme Workstation: Mac Pro Foreshadowing?

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This is one badass PC tower, the VHPextreme that was just unveiled by Sonica Audio Labs. It's configured for pro audio but would work on just about anything you throw at it, with its two dual-core 64-bit 3.7GHz Pentium D965 Extreme processors, 2GB of RAM, 680GB of SATA II storage, quad-monitor (two DVI ports) graphics and a whole lot more. Since it's configured for audio production, we especially like its ultra-quietude, using a heat pipe cooling mechanism to keep the noise down to a barely-noticeable 28db.

Take a good look at this machine—we're thinking this configuration might be similar to the next-generation Mac Pro desktops due to arrive at the end of this year, but then they'll probably cost a whole lot more than this VHPextreme workstation's paltry $3750.


Product Page [Sonica Audio Labs, via Create Digital Music]