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Ok, they're not really just for the ladies, but every time I see an ad for a Sony Bravia TV, it's hawking to the feminine side. I guess Sony figures that if they convince women that tech is sleek and attractive, we'll go out there and drop our cash on that—instead of the $2500 Bottega Venetto handbag we've been eyeing up. Or maybe, they think we'll just allow our significant others to buy and install the stuff without complaining about the price. Either way, the Bravia line is expanding this year, with seven HD LCD models, five with integrated ATSC tuners. The lineup goes from 26 to 46 inches, and each one includes a new one-chip digital processor. Prices run from $1700 to $2800, and to be honest, I imagine they'll last longer than the three or four pairs of Manolo Blahniks I've been eyeing up. But no matter what you say, Sony, they're not as pretty.