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In an attempt to set the record straight on the delayed launch of Sony's BDP-S1 Blu-ray player, ars technica went directly to the source. Sony insisted that there has only been one launch delay. The company said there had been confusion about the number of delays, denying that a ship date had been pushed back from July to August. The Sony spokesperson explained that July was the original ship date for the player to be sent to retailers, but the players had been scheduled to be available to consumers in August. This is why it seemed that the players had been delayed from July to August, according to Sony.


Sony acknowledges the latest delay that we reported yesterday, where the Sony Style website showed October 25 as the new launch date of the BDP-S1 Blu-ray player. But that date may not be accurate, either. Sony says its online site required a specific date, and so it picked October 25, but says the actual date is not that specific, and would only say the player would be shipped in "late October." Why the delay? Sony cryptically cited a "product software issue."


The real scoop on Sony's Blu-ray launch plans [ars technica]

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