Sony Bravia Cellphone

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It's hard to tell from the shots, but this Sony Bravia phone seems to be a Sony-only device, and not a Sony Ericsson collaboration that we're used to seeing. Similar to stressing photography with K-line of phones by labeling them "Cyber-shot", or the W-line with the "Walkman", Sony's labeling these "BRAVIA", emphasizing that these phones have a great screen, similar to the BRAVIA line of HD TVS.

The phone has a QVGA display and use the "Reality MAX" technology found in BRAVIA TVs. Other features are its 3.2-megapixel camera with image stabilization and 45 hour lifetime in Walkman (MP3) mode. It's only available now in Japan on DoCoMo, but we bet we'll start seeing BRAVIA-branded phones here in the States soon.


The Sony Bravia phone and MP3 player [Akihabara News via Oh Gizmo]

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