Sony Calls Motion Control 'Holy Grail' of Gaming

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The above quote is from PlayStation Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller. A skeptic might call it a knee-jerk reaction to the Wii, but those who've experienced the EyeToy in all its magnificence know better. [GamePro via Maxconsole]


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Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good romp through super smash bros on the wii every now and then but the Wii is still a gimick. For truly competitive gaming the Wiimote is not accurate enough nor is it reliable enough. All the good Wii games are good because they are party friendly button mashers that encourage social interaction and high spirits among friends.

I find nothing fundamentally wrong with catering to the "casuals" but die hard gamers like myself are most likely going to prefer the controller until we have an innovative form of "virtual" reality. The Wii really doesn't promote an even playing field in my opinion. Even with the Motionplus attachment there is some differentiation in how the Wii tracks motion in different environments, and at different distances.

At least you know with a controller that your control is going to be just as reliable on a 60 inch LCD or a 10 inch black and white, and that no matter who's setup your playing on you will all have the same advantages/disadvantages.