Sony Doesn't Want Another Wiimote Situation

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The Wii has a handful of great games, and an even smaller handful of great games that truly exploit the Wiimote's capabilities. The rest? Complete waggleriffic crap. Here, SCEA's Rob Dyer gives some tough love to would-be PS Move developers.


The full excerpt, as spotted by Kotaku, reads:

Our challenge here is to make sure you're doing [motion control with] the right games and the right genres, and that's where we're spending a lot of our time, going back to people and going, "Good idea. Bad idea. Good idea. Yeah, not so good idea."

Those are the types of things that we're trying to at least steer people away so they don't spend millions of dollars, come back to me and go, "Eh... It didn't sell." "Well, okay. You never should have made it. It was never going to work anyway. It didn't work on the Wii for a reason. That category didn't. Why did you think it was going to work on this one as well?"

Yes, for one of the first times in recent history, Sony gets it. Their platform may not ever be as popular as the Wii (Sony has a LOT of catching up to do in this generation), but at least it can be something of quality.

Now just how often developers—who may be desperate to shovel their failing Wii titles over to the PS3—will actually listen to Sony...that's another point entirely. [Gamasutra via Kotaku]



"Good idea. Bad idea. Good idea. Yeah, not so good idea."

Since when has Sony ever had this thought process?