Sony Ericsson Black Diamond Becomes Windows Mobile Black Diamond

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Remember the Jaren Goh designed Sony Ericsson Black Diamond we showed you a few months back? It was just a few renders, but we'll be damned if they weren't sexy. Well now, Voice Internet Phone Network (VIPN) is commissioning five of these phones, but with Windows Mobile 5.0 brains inside.

These renders look like the old ones with a WM5 screenshot pasted on, and are supposed to illustrate what kind of crazy features this phone will have. Among them: 400MHz XScale PXA225 400MHz processor, WiFi, SD memory, 4 megapixel camera, SIP support, and a price tag of $300,000. Also, they're only making five of them.


Not to be pessimistic, but the combination of crazy ass features—400MHz + 4 megapixel camera in that body makes what, 4 hours of battery life?—huge price tag, and limited production numbers make us think this is as much a pipe dream as Duke Nukem Forever making an Xmas 2006 release.

Jaren Goh [via Smartfone]

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"a price tag of $300,000"

Yeah, let us know how that works out for you. Were you freebasing when you wrote your business plan?