Sony Ericsson Charges More Money, Makes More Money

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The average price charged by Sony Ericsson for a cell phone has risen from a predicted $173 to $207—helping the company record a profit for the second quarter in a row. The price and profit rise is attributed to the success of its Android-powered X10 and the Vivaz, with the feature-packed smartphones doing more, costing more, and adding more to everyone's bottom lines.

During Q2 of 2009 Sony Ericsson lost around $367m at today's exchange rate—in the same quarter of 2010 it's turned that around to a $40m win. There will be high-fives in the boardroom today. [Reuters]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

It's kind of a scary trend with all cell phone manufacturer's. Average features are going up corresponding with a price increase across the board. I'm not complaining because I love smartphones though.