Sony Ericsson W995a: Walkman Cellphone with Geo-Tagging 8.1MP Camera

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This is the Sony Ericsson W995a, a $600 unlocked Wi-Fi and A2DP-enabled 3G cellphone that puts together a 8.1-megapixel camera—with geo-tagging capabilities, face detection, flash, autofocus, and dedicated buttons—and a Walkman. It even has Media Go support, like the PSP.


The Sony Ericsson W995a comes with Google Maps built-in to show to you where you are—using 3G triangulation, not GPS—and automatically adds your location to your photos.

As a Walkman player it uses dedicated physical playback buttons, supporting all the standard audio formats and including a built-in FM radio with presets. It also has Clear Stereo and Clear Bass technology, which Sony says enhances the audio quality, avoiding "channel leakage" and "bass distortion".


The Sony Ericsson W995a also comes with Media Go software, the newly announced media software that will allow you to access show and movies, as well as transcode video and music files optimized for the W995a hardware features.