Sony High End STR-DA4400ES Receiver

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The bottom line on the STR-DA4400ES, STR-DA3400ES and STR-DA2400ES is that they are Sony's new high end line of 7.1 receivers, outstanding for low noise, clean power, chassis dampening, 5 year warranty and high price. They all have cross media bar interfaces like the PS3. The HDMI ports also do BRAVIA control for over the wire remote of other Sony devices. The 4400 has 6 HDMI ports, does 2 video zones, 3 audio zones and picture in picture.

All for $1500, which is a lot less than ES used to be and a lot less than what the competition charges over at Yamaha and Denon for the really crazy stuff with more than 7 channels. All do 1080/24p and anything easier as well as Dolby Digital, TrueHD, DTS High Res and Master Audio. Upscaling, the real difference in receivers these days, is handled by Faroudja DCDi Cinema tech, not a bad chip at all. More details below.

SONY enhances "elevated standard" audio/video receiver line


SAN DIEGO, June 26, 2008 - Sony today introduced three new

audio/video receivers in its "Elevated Standard" (ES) product

line that deliver high-quality sound and video performance.

Engineered for high-end home theaters, the new STR-DA4400ES,

STR-DA3400ES and STR-DA2400ES receivers feature sophisticated

A/V technology supporting 1080/24p video signals, the latest

audio codecs (Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, dts® High

Resolution Audio and dts® HD Master Audio) and Faroudja® DCDi

Cinema™ technology for upscaling all video sources to 1080p

when connected via HDMI™ to a compatible high-definition television.

The ES receivers are all designed around a unique construction

platform, digital board and a wide band power amplifier to

maintain the purity of the audio and video signals by minimizing

external vibrations and internal jitter.

"The rapid evolution of audio and video has generated increased

demand for connectivity and high-performance components," said

Tyler Ishida, director of marketing for Sony Electronics' Digital

Imaging and Audio Division. "This new line of ES receivers

delivers the fidelity, build quality and connectivity expected

for an outstanding cinematic experience in the home."

The new models utilize a xross media bar™-inspired graphical

user interface for easy content navigation, Sony's Digital

Cinema Auto Calibration for simple surround sound setup, and

BRAVIA® Sync™ for Theatre for easy synchronization of compatible

home theater components.

Sony's DIGITAL MEDIA PORT adds control, networking and connectivity

options for music playback through various accessories, including

a Cradle for iPod (TDM-iP10), a Network Walkman™ cradle, a

PC client device and a Bluetooth® adapter (each is sold separately).

The models are also Sirius® and XM Connect-and-Play™ Ready.

The STR-DA4400ES 7.1 channel receiver has a 120-watt amplifier

(8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.09 percent THD), six HDMI inputs

and DSD decoding through HDMI. It offers high-definition video

distribution to a second zone, audio distribution to three

zones and picture-in-picture for monitoring of multi-zone output

or an external video source. The model will be available in

August for about $1,500.

The STR-DA3400ES 7.1 channel receiver has a 100-watt power

amplifier (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.09 percent THD), four

HDMI inputs, a 12-volt trigger, IR repeater and high-definition

video distribution to a second zone (composite). It will be

available in August for around $1,000.

The STR-DA2400ES 7.1 channel receiver has a 100-watt power

amplifier (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.09 percent THD), a basic

icon-driven graphic user interface and four HDMI inputs. The

model will be available next month for about $800.

All ES receivers are supported by a five-year limited manufacturer

warranty and will be available online through

, at Sony Style stores nationwide

and at authorized Sony dealers across the country.