Sony HVR-V1U Pro HD Camcorder Enters the Fray

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The Sony HVR-V1U HD camcorder is the pro version of their HDR-FX7, packed with the same triple threat of quarter-inch, 1-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensors and a 20X zoom lens.

Lori Grunin from CNet astutely notes that the camera's biggest add on is its ability to record progressive scan video at 1080 lines, albeit at only 24 frames per second. It naturally records 1080i, though, so remain happy, if not giddy at those prospects. It's got 2 XLR inputs and a shotgun mike, and the ability to record directly to an optional 60 GByte hard drive called the HVD-DR60.


Our own Charlie White is in some backroom groping the camera right now, so expect some locker room talk from him later.

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