Sony Launches HDD-Based, DVD DL-Friendly Media Recorders

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When not busy totally messing up the launch of the PS3, Sony devotes some time to releasing some decent electronics, like their latest line of of media recorders, including the RDZ-D900A, the RDZ-D800 and the RDZ-D700. All three recorders feature a hard drive for storing recorded content (the former two have a 400GB hard drive, while the latter has a 250GB hard drive) and can burn onto DL DVDs. The primary difference between the three of them is that the RDZ-900A features an HDMI port, and an iLink DV connector, so you can hook your video camera up to it. Additionally, the RDZ-900A can interact with the PSP and supports MPEG-4. Why they all can't do that is beyond me, but Sony hasn't exactly been on the ball lately.


All three media recorders go on sale on November 1 in Japan for the ever-popular "open price."

Press Release (in Japanese) [Sony via Akihabara News]