Sony LF-PK1 Wireless LocationFree LCD TV

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Sony's showing off a bunch of stuff this week in Japan as part of an electronics show and this wireless LCD TV is one of the items that caught our eye here. This 12-inch LCD TV, the LF-PK1, is compatible with a wireless TV unit, hence, it's a "location-free" TV, or LocationFree in Sony speak. The gist of it is that you're able to use the LCD as a sort of satellite anywhere in your house to receive high quality digital entertainment from the broadcasting unit. Don't worry, Sony's Web site has plenty of flow charts and pretty colors explaining the birds and the bees of LocationFree. The wireless range right now is expected to be somewhere around 100 feet.

The LF-PK1 will go on sale in Japan on November 15 for around $850. No word on a stateside release just yet.


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