Sony Needs to Revive This Gorgeous Sliding Radio As a Bluetooth Speaker

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Sometimes Sony can make some questionable business decisions, but rarely am I able to fault them on design. Particularly back in the 1970s—just look at this cubic portable AM radio.

As far as radios go today, a single set of sliders for volume and tuning are pretty low-tech. But were the TR-1825 resurrected as a Bluetooth speaker, all you'd need was a control for volume. And I'd be happy if they left it as a slider. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing. The radio's design is timeless, with interlocking sliding faces that form a perfect cube when it's closed, protecting both the speaker and controls when in transit.


Were I able to get my hands on one of these now the first thing I'd try to do is hack some wireless functionality in there. And I don't know the first thing about hacking! That's why I'd love to plead my case to Sony about why they need to revive and update the TR-1825 as a modern Bluetooth accessory. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one happy to pony up for it. [Sony via ISO50]