Sony Planning to Drop $30 LocationFree License Fee

Illustration for article titled Sony Planning to Drop $30 LocationFree License Fee

According to Maximum PC, sometime between now and the end of the month Sony will formally announce the end of their obnoxious $30 LocationFree PC serial key license fee (rhyming!). Currently, if you want to install the software on multiple PCs you would have to cough up the extra dough. The move is believed to be in response to the stiff competition Sony faces from companies like Sling Media, who have always offered software for their Slingbox free of charge. [Maximum PC]

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Big fan of location free. We use it on the PSP all the time, where I can watch TV anywhere I get WiFi. It also controls my VCR and DVD player, so I can record, play videos as well— all from the PSP. Also use it on my laptop. This is great news getting rid of the license fee!