Sony PS3 Laugh Detector Patent Has Very Juvenile Sense of Humor

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Come on, Sony. A repeating boot-to-the-butt wheel? Everyone knows the only surefire kick-based humor must involve the crotch.

Sony's PS3 emotion-detecting patent would ostensibly work by picking up physical cues like laughter, though we're not exactly sure how it'll detect some of the other emotions it claims to, including sadness, boredom, joy, excitement and anger. It's kind of a cool idea—a game could adjust to your growing frustration by decreasing the difficulty before you heave the PS3 out the window in a fit of rage, for example. But if they plan on using humor, they better get out of the Humor Stone Age where the butt-kick wheel resides. May I suggest Glenn Beck, Fox News' fantastic up-and-coming satirist? [Joystiq]