Sony Ships AWG170A, Claimed to Be World's Fastest DVD Burner

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Over in Europe, Sony has started shipping the AWG170A, what Sony and its partner NEC claim to be the world's fastest DVD R burner. Able to burn discs at 16x (whether or not 16x media is widely available is apparently irrelevant), the AWG170A also burns DVD-RAM (12x), DVD R DL (8x), DVD+RW (8x), DVD-RW (6x) and CD-R/RW (48x).

The drive, which is available in four different front bezel colors, uses a few different tricks to make sure all that high speed disc burning doesn't end up with the creation of lots of coasters. There's a built-in system to help correct unbalanced discs and a self-cooling design that works without noisy fans.


Allegedly shipping now to Europe, there's still no word when/if the AWG170A will reach the U.S. and for how much.

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