Sony Trinitron Timeline Shows Why It Will Live Forever In Our Hearts

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Click to viewAfter 280 millions tubes sold, Trinitron will be officially dead this month. Few Sony inventions have had the same gravitational pull as their Trinitron display technology, perhaps only second to the Walkman. Trinitron became a synonym of the best quality TV sets and computer monitors on the planet, despite the thin cables that secured its aperture grille in place. This timeline shows TV history since 1873, how color TV became a reality in the '40s, and how Sony became the king of TV, with more than 100 million sets sold by 1994, to later fall under the weight of plasma and LCD technologies:


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[Wikipedia and Sony Japan]

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@Lizard_King: I have a 3" Casio I bought 4 years ago that I watch baseball on the back deck during the summer. External digital tuners are too big for portable TV's. I couldn't find the small handheld ones that have a digital tuner.