We told you last week about Konica Minolta giving up on camera-making and transferring assets of its SLR business to Sony, but we didn't know how serious Sony was about getting into the SLR game until now. Looks like the company is pointing to the outfield, Kevin Costner style, announcing its aim to pick up a quarter of the SLR market with what it acquired from Konica. With other consumer electronics makers getting into the game (Samsung announced its entry into this obviously lucrative market last week with two SLR cameras) it's no wonder Sony, which is already the number 2 digital camera maker (behind Canon), has high hopes for its SLR business. That's mainly because the company can produce image sensor chips, displays and batteries in-house, as well as use all its other expertise in A/V technology in other consumer electronics products. Look for the first Sony model this summer, based on Konica Minolta's Maxxum/Dynax mount system. And anyone who bought a Konica Minolta lens will be able to use it on this product as well, so don't put that baby on eBay just yet.


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