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Sony Updates Bravia Line of HDTVs, Now with More Reality Mojo

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Sony has goosed its line of Bravia LCDs once again, claiming the improved DRC-MF (Digital Reality Creation Multi Function) version 2.5 is even more like reality. From what we can gather trying to decipher the Japanese website, before-and-after pics on its website show how this Bravia Engine Pro image enhancement routine does a better job of up-rezzing anything that's not 1080p, while passing true 1080p signals through to the screen.


While that version 2.5 of the DRC-MF technology will only be included in the "X" line of Bravia sets, the company says this is a complete update of all of its Bravia LCD TVs, including the S, V, and X models from 32 to 53 inches. Sony also plans to update its rear-projection 50-inch and 60-inch 1080p Bravia models. Pricing and availability weren't announced yet.

Bravia Product Page (Japanese) [Sony, via Akihabara News]

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Jeff the Riffer

If you haven't already seen the Bravia ads for their super-fancy LDC televisions, check out: