Sony Updates UX-180p UMPC After Only Eight Weeks, Now the UX-280p

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Either Sony has adopted an expedited release cycle or they're tacitly admitting that they rushed the UX-180p to the market since they've quietly gone ahead and have updated it to the UX-280p. What can you expect now? Sony has doubled the amount of RAM, from 512MB to 1GB, and now sports a 40GB hard drive. It's still just about $2,000 and still uses the Intel Core Solo, so you really shouldn't expect anything drastically different—it's been only two months, remember.


The UX-280p tries to lure you in with its 4.5-inch widescreen display, EDGE and Wi-Fi support. Maybe by the end of the week we'll see the UX-380p hit stores.

Product Page [Sony via Mobility Today]