Sony Uses Pseudonym With FCC to Avoid Leaking PS3 Slim, Plus 250GB Slim Outed

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Like some kind of secret agent, Sony used the pseudonym "Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc" to file the PS3 Slim with the FCC. It totally worked—but now the listing's been outed, and it also includes a 250GB model.


Turns out "Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc"'s address in Foster City, CA is registered to Sony, and by listing the PS3 Slim under a different company, they avoided detection by diligent FCC hunters like, well, us. Interestingly, the filing includes mention of two other models, differing only in HDD capacity from the 120GB model we've seen—looks like a 150GB and a 250GB. They'll presumably command a higher price, though we have no idea exactly how much just yet. Still, we've got to commend Sony for this little bit of FCC espionage. [PS3 News via Engadget]