We haven't much cared for most UMPCs, and were especially unimpressed by the Samsung Q1, with its clumsy input routine. But we're fond of the Sony VGN-UX50 with its 4.5 inch LCD, 1024x600 resolution, Core Solo U1300, slide-over keyboard and built-in camera. Now Sony has updated its coolness factor, replacing the UX50's conventional hard drive with 16GB of flash memory, and offering a mobile TV attachment that acts like a PVR, too.


That flash memory lets applications start up three to six times faster and conserves battery power, giving you an extra half-hour on a charge, boosting that up to four hours. Plus that flashiness inside makes the entire unit lighter, and makes the operating system boot up faster, too. Yep, we likey. Available July 13th in Japan for $1800.

Sony UX50 UMPC gets Flash memory and TV tuner [Newlaunches]

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