Sony Vaio LA-Series: Name Stands for Ooh La La

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This pretty little Media Center dresses itself up like an old iMac, putting a transparent glass frame around its 19-inch screen. (It could be plastic, or crystal—we can't tell from our stalking-distance photo.)

I've always thought all monitors deserved a beautiful border like that. Just so I could muddle it up with post it notes, photo-booth stickers, and finger prints.


The as of right now Europe-only PC has a 1680 x 1050 resolution, a Core 2 Duo processor and Motion-Eye webcam and Remote Control.

UPDATE: Well would you look at that. You can find the same design over at Sony Style under the LS-series designation. Just goes to show you&mdashNever believe what you read on blogs. Thanks John Nye.
Sony Vaio LA-Series [Sci Fi Tech]

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