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The Sony VAIO TZ was already a sweet computer before getting a 64 GB SSD inside. Now it has 314 GB of storage in all (64 GB SSD+250 GB HDD) and sells for $3600.


Media Alert: Sony Transforms PCs into Ultimate Dream Machines

Subject: New VAIO PCs Feature Supercharged Models

Body: Sony today announced it would be shipping super-charged versions of its VAIO® PCs. Dubbed VAIO Premium, these units will empower users with lighting-fast processing speeds, massive amounts of storage, and innovative technologies to improve performance.

Fueling these dream machines will be the new Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors— T9000 and T8000 series. Among the very first to ship with these chipsets, these PCs will provide business travelers and multimedia enthusiasts alike with unparalleled power and multi-tasking capabilities. The result: high-definition content management, fast-paced gaming and performance like never before.

Mass Storage Meets Ultra-portability

VAIO TZ298N/X Premium Notebook: Outfitted with a carbon fiber chassis, this notebook combines 64 gigabytes of SSD memory with 250 gigabytes of HDD space creating a roomy 314 gigabytes storage configuration. Powered with an Intel Core2 Duo processor U7700, designed for performance and low power consumption, it features an 11.1-inch widescreen display and weighs just 2.7 pounds— making it ideal for travel. The notebook is priced at about $3,600.

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